Kidney cancer is a malignant cell growth (a tumour) in the kidneys. Its medical name is renal cell carcinoma. A tumour in the kidney can also be benign. Kidney cancer is a general term. There are many variations of tumours in the kidney and stages of the disease. If the tumour is limited to the kidney and has not spread, this is called localized kidney cancer. In locally-advanced kidney cancer, the tumour has grown out of the kidneys into surrounding tissue and invaded veins, the adrenal gland, or lymph nodes. Doctors speak of metastatic disease if the cancer has spread either to distant lymph nodes or other organs. Men are more likely to be diagnosed with kidney cancer than women. Most people are diagnosed between the ages of 60 and 70. Kidney_Cancer All decisions about the right treatment pathway for you are taken after careful consideration of tumour classification, your prognosis, and the availability of treatment options in your hospital. The most important factor for selecting treatment is the stage of the disease.



European Urological Association – Kidney Cancer