The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia provides a wealth of material about prostate cancer diagnosis and management. "There are various treatment options for prostate cancer. The best treatment option for you depends on a number of things including your age and the stage of your prostate cancer. After consulting with your healthcare team, it might be possible that you don’t need to start treatment immediately after your diagnosis. You might be offered a management option before treatment options.
Patient preference is an important factor in treatment decisions, as the values people place on quality versus quantity of life, their acceptance of risk and fear of complications will influence the acceptability of the various treatment options” (National Health & Medical Research Council, 2003, p.xii)."
For further information, access further information on the PCFA site
For other useful PCFA resources.... Advanced Prostate Cancer Younger Men
The Queensland Cancer Council is also as excellent resource. This site gives an overview about prostate cancer risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and what support is available. "Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in Australia. Each year, more than 20,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, including a small number under the age of 50.
Prostate cancer is unusual because there may not be symptoms and in many men it grows so slowly that it never needs treatment. Moreover, some prostate cancer needs treating and this can have unwanted side effects, for example on sexual function. Often when people hear the word ‘cancer’, they immediately assume that it is terminal. However, the majority of men with prostate cancer live for many years without any symptoms, and without the cancer spreading or becoming life-threatening. It depends on the aggressiveness of the cancer. Being diagnosed with cancer can affect how you think about yourself and your life. You might also be concerned about your long-term outlook and how it will impact your work, family and relationships."
For more detailed information, download their very informative booklet "Understanding Prostate Cancer - A guide for men with cancer, their family and friends" by clicking on this link (0.8Mb). qldcaprostate