Hospital Pre-Admission Booking Process

Please follow the instructions provided by The Sunshine Coast Urology Clinic’s staff.

Pre-Admission bookings can be completed online via the Hospital’s Website.



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The Buderim Private Hospital, 12 Elsa Wilson Drive, Buderim

Consent Forms

  • Consent Form will be provided to you by the Doctor to sign prior to your operation.

Pre-Op Pathology/Radiology Tests

  • If you have been given request forms to have further blood & urine tests, these should to be done at least 3 days prior to surgery

You should bring relevant X-Rays/ Imaging if you are having an operation on your kidney

Day Case Admissions

Patients anticipating discharge home the day of the procedure must arrange to have someone available to take them home, and who can stay with the patient the rest of the day.


You are required to fast for at least 6 hours prior to surgery.

Morning surgery             – Fast from midnight

Afternoon Surgery          – Fast from 6 am

Fasting means nothing to eat or drink including water


It is important to keep taking any heart, blood pressure, asthma or antacid medication on the morning and day of surgery – you may have water as required to take them

Generally other medication may be omitted. If in doubt contact your doctor.

Note: Patients who are using Insulin or Blood Thinning medications need to be personally advised by the Doctor prior to surgery, however Aspirin can generally be continued.

Please bring all medications to Hospital with you or a list of what you take, including doses and strength.