Robotic Prostatic Biopsy

Dr. Tony is proud to introduce Queensland’s first robotic transperineal prostatic biopsy system – the Mona Lisa BioBot. The service is provided in conjunction with The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital, Buderim. Robotic targeting provides unsurpassed accuracy during biopsy of MRI identified prostatic lesions, allowing precise control of the direction and depth of each biopsy core.  Biopsies are taken through only two transperineal puncture sites, dramatically reducing the incidence of infective complications compared to classical transrectal biopsy. MRI-informed robotic targeted transperineal biopsy provides an optimal diagnostic pathway. Diagnosis and patient risk-stratification is more accurate. Better diagnosis allows for better treatment choices for patients with clinically significant prostate cancer, while reducing potential over-diagnosis and over-treatment of insignificant disease.