Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry

Dr. Gianduzzo is Principal Investigator for the Buderim Private Hospital and the Sunshine Coast Urology Clinic, now enrolled in the Queensland node of the Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry – Australia and New Zealand (PCOR-ANZ). The primary aim of the Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry - Australia and New Zealand (PCOR-ANZ) is to improve the quality of care provided to men with prostate cancer. Information from the registry will be used to monitor diagnosis, treatment, complications, and long term quality of life outcomes. This information will be used to help identify trends and whether gaps exist in service provision. PCOR-ANZ is a international initiative funded by the Movember Foundation , with the support of all specialty medical societies managing prostate cancer disease, and local organisations, in each jurisdiction. The Queensland Registry (PCOR‐QLD) is managed through the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre ‐Queensland, which is based at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. PCOR‐QLD will collect health information for all men diagnosed with prostate cancer in Queensland. This information will be included in the binational registry. Patient’s decision to participate in PCOR‐QLD is voluntary. If patients decide to participate, they do not need to do anything. If they prefer not to participate, they will be able to “opt‐out” of the Registry. For further information, please download the PCOR-QLD Brochure or visit the PCOR website