Prostate Laser Surgery

A brief video of Dr Gianduzzo performing a Thulium Laser Prostatectomy on a large prostate formed part of a recent presentation to the Queensland meeting of the Urological Society of Australasia can be viewed here.   The Cyber TM is the most recent, and the most advanced laser introduced for the treatment of BPH. Its wavelength of 2,010 nm provides an optimal blend of vaporizing, cutting and cauterizing effects. The Cyber TM laser provides the surgeon with several advantages over other lasers that translate into benefits for the patient. The Cyber TM allows for the maintenance of a very clear operative field by not creating floating tissue fragments, blood or excessive bubbles. Visualization is further improved since the surgeon is not required to wear color distorting protective eyewear. Furthermore, the invisible beam of the Cyber TM does not create glare like some other visible wavelength lasers. When taken together, these three factors significantly improve the surgeon’s ability to see what he is doing and helps him not make mistakes that might result from poor visualization. The 2 micron wavelength of the Cyber TM is highly absorbed by water. This means that in the aqueous surgical field associated with prostate surgery, the laser beam travels only 2 millimeters beyond the tip of the fiber before the energy is absorbed by the surrounding water. Some other laser wavelengths travel far enough in water to create the risk that some or all of the beam may over-shoot the targeted tissue and damage more distant tissue not intended for treatment. Because the Cyber TM removes the unwanted tissue during the procedure rather than relying of later slough or reabsorption, the beneficial effects of the procedure are realized shortly after the procedure. Once the catheter is removed (usually inside one day), patients notice a significant improvement in symptoms. Some other BPH treatments have much longer catheterization periods and require weeks before the patient realizes the full benefits of the therapy.